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Breakfast Combo

Viennoiseries or muffins with granola yogurt or fruit salads. Suggested presentation.

Fresh Fruit Tray

We prepare our fresh fruit trays with the same focus on freshness that we bring to our vegetable trays. Suggested presentation.

Mini viennoiseries

The more the merrier! A full platter of mini croissants, mini chocolatines and mini turnovers will turn your meeting or event into a small bite tasting party. We allot for two mini viennoiseries per person. Suggested presentation.

Side Salads

Let our chef prepare and select an array of side salads or let us know if have any preferences. Suggested presentation.

Fruit Salad

Light, fresh and always a crowd favourite, this is breakfast in a cup. Suggested presentation.


Hot beverages: a thermos of fresh brewed coffee (10 cups) or a thermos of hot boiled water for infusions (6 tea bags).
Cold beverages: a variety of bottled drinks (juice, water, soft drinks).


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